JACKETS The hallmark of all Animo high-performance show jackets is lightness, design, elasticity, breathability, comfort and machine wash ability.

CLASS is the lightest and coolest of the competition jacket materials. This fabric is perfect for spring and summer seasons and is available in a wide array of colors. This fabric blocks UV rays and remains breathable to allow air circulation and moisture to escape.

SILVERDRY is a bonded two-layer fabric which provides exceptional breathability and is water resistant. This fabric is offered in several solid colors as well as a herringbone pattern in multiple colors.

SILVERSPACE is a new lightweight jacket fabric with a subtle waffle texture, conforming beautifully to the body this jacket offers exceptional comfort.

EVO/W-LIGHT our newest competition jacket fabrics. Wearing this jacket feels like wearing a second skin. These jackets are extremely light, comfortable, water-repellent and smooth to the touch.

For help creating a one of a kind, custom Animo show jacket please send us an email at sales@usanimo.com.

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